PMJF Ln.ER.R. Murugan

Dear Leos,

With great pleasure and pride, I understand that the Leo District of Dist. 318-B is opening their website on the occasion of the District Cabinet Installation. Myself, also being a Leo member in the nineteen seventies, feel it a really proud privilege to inaugurate this fine venture of the Leos of 318-B.
The hi-tech revolution in the field of electronics and communication has made it quite easy for us to interact with our members more effectively. It has also helped all of us to carry out our club activities in a prompt and effortless manner. I am sure all the Leos of the District will make full use of this facility.

My sincere compliments to Leo Rahul Pradeep and his associates for taking the Leo District to a new era of technology. I wish each one of them every success.

PMJF Ln.ER.R. Murugan
International Director.