PDG Ln. Er George Cherian

PDG Er George Cherian-photograph (2)

Dear Lions and Leos

I am extremely happy to write in these columns on Leo Movement. I truly believe that this is one of the noble and prestigious wings of Lions movement. Because the target group is children. Whatever is done
for the younger ones is definitely a contribution for the future of the entire world and our nation in particular.
I am so proud that I could function as the Multiple Leo Club Chairperson for two years ,2012-13 and 2013-14.On both the years Leo activities were in full swing by which we could have a good number of new Leo clubs in our multiple and I could become the recipient of “the World’s Top Ten Leo Club Extension award”.
As on 30th June 2014 we had 150 leo clubs in our multiple. The split up details are given below.318A-46 clubs, 318B- 17 clubs ,318C- 22 clubs ,318D- 45 clubs and 318E -20 clubs. On both the years 2012-13 and 2013-14 the multiple could add 50 leo clubs every year ,which may be one of the highest in the world, according to International Directors. District 318 A alone added 37 leo clubs in 2013-14 and District 318D could add 26 leo clubs in 2012-13. Other districts also have reasonable number of Leo Clubs. Our district 318B had 17 clubs. Now the greatest responsibility of us is to nurture the existing leo clubs .Let us take it as a challenge.
We should not forget the man of vision “,Baseball coach Jim Graver” , who provided the base for leo movement in the world. Being a member of Glenside Lions Club ,Pennsylvania, USA and as a coach at Abington High School he made use of all the opportunities for the commencement of a Leo club in 1957.It was only in 1967 ,our organization has adopted leo movement as our International programme. Leo stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. Jim Graver has exhibited his leadership quality by making use of the opportunities he had. At the beginning LEO stood for Leadership, Equality and Opportunity. Hence let us make our children sufficiently experienced who know the value of equality.

My best wishes and congratulations to the leaders who are behind this idea of having a Leo website.
Your efforts certainly will not go in vain.

PDG Ln. Er George Cherian,
MD Leo Club Chairperson 2012-2014.