Social Works

Club wise planting trees

Environmental pollution is a major problem in our society. Green house gases has been increasing as a result of deforestation. Global warming is also a threat . So we have to encourage leo members to plant trees on the wayside or on their premises, and save our mother earth from this disasters. Each Leo will try to Plant minimum 3 saplings.

Environmental cleaning (oct 2nd)

October 2nd will be celebrated as environmental cleaning day. The Environmental Cleaning Policy aims to clean the premises of any school or street. Leos will be aware of the significance of environmental cleaning.

Antidrugs awareness class

Without realising it, drugs can become central to a person’s life and can affect their personal relationships, ability to study and work, mental health and quality of life. All too easily you can have one of those days when life just feels too hard. At some point most of us do. If you feel like you are losing it or you’re stressed out, it’s really helpful to seek help and support. It is necessary to conduct an awareness class about the use of drugs and its bad effects among the youth.